Info Center: ID Theft Resolution

Many victims of identity theft have no idea how to handle their situation or who to turn to for guidance. Island Insurance automatically provides Identity Theft Resolution Assistance free of charge to its Homeowners Insurance policyholders and their resident family members. Powered by Identity Theft 911®, the national leader in identity management and fraud education, its highly experienced fraud experts will lead you through the resolution process one-on-one until your identity is fully restored. One phone call will provide you with access to:

  • Systematic notification to credit bureaus, creditors and collectors, government agencies, police and other relevant parties.
  • Preparation of all documents and phone calls needed to resolve your identity theft, including placing fraud alerts.
  • Direct assistance with filing a police report, creating a fraud victim affidavit, plus a comprehensive case file to assist law enforcement and claims handling.
  • A 3-in-1 credit report and one year of credit monitoring.
  • One year of fraud monitoring of more than 1,000 databases to identify fraudulent use of your stolen identity.

To stay on top of the latest scams and schemes, visit regularly. There you'll find a wealth of ongoing education and preventive resources, including up-to-the-minute news alerts, in-depth articles and newsletters.

If you need assistance...

  1. Call us at 564-8222 (Neighbor Islands call 1-888-312-2525 and select '1' for claims).
  2. Ask for a claims representative.
  3. We will connect you to an expert advocate at Identity Theft 911® to guide you through the restoration process one-on-one.

The Identity Theft Resolution Assistance includes a robust suite of specialized Identity Management Services, powered by Identity Theft 911® which are also offered free of charge:

  • Child Risk Identity Assistance
    For parents and guardians of minor children at a heightened risk: Advocate-assisted proactive credit file suppression helps prevent against the misuse of your child's personal information - a growing crime that often goes undetected for decades. Includes on-demand access to a fraud specialist.
  • Estate Identity Assistance
    For surviving spouses: A fraud specialist is assigned to help safeguard the identity of your departed spouse from potential misuse by identity thieves. Includes minimizing potential risks to your own identity in the case of joint credit files and financial documents.
  • Medical Identity Assistance
    For victims of medical identity theft: A fraud specialist is assigned to help undo the damage from fraudulently filed insurance claims and/or bogus medical services obtained in your name. Includes an entire year of active follow-up.
  • Military Identity Assistance
    For active duty military personnel, especially when stationed abroad: Advocate-assisted proactive military fraud alerts lasting 12 months are placed on your credit file to reduce the risk of identity theft. Includes on-demand access to an experienced fraud specialist who can also assist your spouse.
  • Identity Relocation Assistance
    For policyholders who move: A fraud specialist is assigned to help safeguard financial, credit, and identity data during your move. The specialist helps ensure uninterrupted access to your financial institutions and accounts, as well as with any needed documentation.
  • Disaster Recovery Assistance
    For victims of home fire, flood, hurricane, or earthquake: A fraud specialist is assigned to help quickly recapture destroyed documentation needed to rebuild your life. The specialist helps ensure uninterrupted access to your financial institutions and accounts.

Please keep in mind that losses or expenses incurred in reporting or resolving the effects of identity theft are not covered by Identity Theft Resolution Assistance, but may be covered within specified limits of our Homeowners Insurance Extensions of Coverage Endorsement.