Flood Insurance Coverage, Flood Insurance Policy

In Hawaii, our sunny weather can provide a false sense of security when it comes to evaluating the risk of flooding. Our islands are prone to bouts of heavy rain, flash flooding as well as ocean surges due to high surf. Because flood losses are not covered by homeowners or fire insurance, if you were to experience an unfortunate flood situation, you would be responsible for any repairs to your home or property. With 25% of flood insurance claims occurring in low to moderate risk flood areas, any home can still be in danger of damage from sudden rushing water, mudflow, wave action and water overflow.

Island Insurance provides flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program's Write-Your-Own Flood Insurance Policy. One modest annual premium is all it will take to protect you from the unexpected.

For more information on how to purchase flood insurance through the Island Insurance Write-Your-Own Program, contact your independent insurance agent or click here to find an agent near you.