"Excessive speeding" laws enforce harsher penalties

Hawaii's "Excessive" Speeding laws enforce harsher penalties for drivers going more than 30 mph above the posted speed limit or moving at more than 80 mph). Under the new law:
  • First time offenders face fines of $500 to $1,000, a 30-day license suspension, mandatory driver's education and either 36 hours of community service or two to five days in prison.
  • Second-time offenders face a $750 minimum fine, a 30-day license suspension and either 120 hours of community service or five to 14 days in prison.
  • Three or more violations will result in a minimum $1,000 fine, license revocation for up to a year and 10 to 30 days' prison time.

A license suspension is a temporary invalidation of your drivers' license and after the penalty time has passed, the license can be reinstated and your privileges returned. However, if your driver's license is revoked, your driving privileges are relinquished and you must apply for a new license after a minimum period set by law.

Speed limits in areas are usually: 25 to 30 mph in certain residential streets and 35 – 45 mph in certain urban arterial roads. All other interstates have a maximum speed limit of 55 mph with the limit dropping to 50 mph in central Honolulu. A maximum speed limit of 60 mph only applies to two stretches of interstate:

  • H-1 between Kapolei and Waipahu
  • H-3 between the Tetsuo Harano Tunnels and the H-1 junction.

Most of us know how fast we can proceed at the "presumed" speed limit (which we all assume to be 5 to 10 miles above the posted speed limit). But, according to Hawaii law, all drivers are required to proceed at the posted or "absolute" speed limit.

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