Pedestrian Safety – "Walking Person" icon

The City & County of Honolulu uses the national standard of a minimum of seven seconds for crosswalk signals with a "Walk" or "Walking Person" icon. This minimum standard for a green signal is intended only to get the pedestrian into the crosswalk, not all the way across the street. Once the "Don't Walk" or "Upraised Palm" icon begins to flash, pedestrians have a minimum of 20 seconds to finish crossing the street.

In busy and wider intersections, more than 20 seconds are given. For example, in accordance with the national standard of 4 feet per second of pedestrian travel, a street that is 100 feet wide will have a "Don't Walk" or "Upraised Palm" icon flashing-red for a duration of 25 seconds*.

Source: Honolulu Advertiser*

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