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Smoke Alarms

Uniform Building Code outlines requirements for homeowners to have smoke detectors installed in all new and renovated dwelling units. Smoke alarms play a vital role in providing early warning to your household and can protect and prevent against injury and loss due to fire.

  • Install smoke alarms in each hallway (including the basement), and place them near bedrooms, outside every separate sleeping area. Do not install in the kitchen or bathroom to prevent false alarms from normal cooking or steam from bathing.
  • Replace your smoke alarm once every 10 years. Write the date of purchase with a marker on the inside of your alarm so you will know when to replace it. If you can’t remember how old the alarm is, then it’s probably time for a new one.
  • If you sleep with the bedroom door closed, have a qualified electrician install interconnected smoke alarms in each room so that when one alarm sounds, they all sound.
  • If you or someone in your home is deaf or hard of hearing, consider installing an alarm that combines flashing lights, vibration and/or sound.
  • If the smoke alarm goes off while you are cooking or due to other non-fire causes, try to clear the air by waving a towel or other objects and try not to disable the smoke alarm by removing the batteries. If you have to remove the batteries, make sure you replace the batteries when the air is clear.