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The Importance of a Home Inventory List

Though it’s not pleasant to consider the possibilities of a home fire, adequate preparation is always in order. Having a complete and thorough home inventory of your belongings provides a permanent record of your major items and will help to determine the adequacy of your current insurance coverage. Should you become the unfortunate victim of home fire or robbery, a home inventory list will help expedite the claims process and more accurately verify losses for your income taxes.

Getting Started*

  • Make a detailed list of your possessions.
    • Describe each item by noting make, model and place of purchase.
    • Clip to your list any sales receipts, purchase contracts and appraisals you have.
  • For clothing, count the items you own by category – pants, tops, shoes – making notes on items which are particularly valuable.
  • For major appliances and electronic equipment, record the serial numbers which are usually found on the back or bottom of the unit.
  • Take pictures of rooms and important individual items. Make notations for each photo what is shown and where each item was purchased. Make sure you photograph and document items in closets or drawers.
  • Walk through your house or apartment, videotaping or recording and describing the contents.
  • Use your personal computer or write down your inventory list. Back up files to a disk (or videotape/audio tape) and keep everything along with receipts and other documentation in a safety deposit box or at a friend’s or relative’s home.

*Source: Insurance Information Institute