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Communicating Milestone Life Changes with Your Agent

Life comes with some amazing and scary moments and the last thing on anyone’s mind is, how will this impact my insurance coverage? Well, you’d be surprised.

  • Marriage. If you and your significant other get married, make sure you’re both listed on your property policy. Should you get married and change your name, you’ll want to update that on your policy as well. If you opt to combine auto policies, you’ll even save money with Island’s multi-car discount. Or even better, bundle your home and auto policies for far greater savings.
  • Your child starts to drive. When your child begins driving, you’ll likely add them to your auto insurance and may want to increase liability limits. Once your child purchases a vehicle in their name, even if you are a co-owner, they need to obtain a policy of their own.
  • You get a raise or a new, higher-paying job. As your income rises, your checking, savings, and investment accounts will likely also increase. To protect those growing assets, you might want to consider increasing the limits on your liability coverage, as well as purchasing an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy provides additional insurance protection on top of your auto and property insurance liability limits.
  • You renovate your home. Even small changes can necessitate adjustments to your homeowners insurance. If, for instance, you renovate your kitchen or bathrooms with high-end countertops or appliances, you’ll probably need to increase your coverage in order to replace those items if necessary. Of course, when you undertake major renovations, a policy review becomes even more important.
  • Divorce. When a couple gets divorced, not only should one or the other be taken off the policy, but some of that person’s belongings might need to be removed as well based on the divorce agreement. Sometimes couples go through a messy divorce and forget to update their insurance policy, and when a loss occurs a fight ensues over the settlement or the items that were lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Death of a loved one. You’ll want to have a discussion with their agent about not only removing the deceased person’s name from the policy but also what coverage changes may be needed. It’s not typically top-of-mind when a loved one passes away, but it’s important that you speak with their insurance agent as soon as possible.

Life throws us curveballs from time to time. Luckily, your insurance agent is in your corner and ready to help when you need them. Whether you’re going through an exciting or devastating change, you can count on them to make sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage for your circumstances.

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