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Advice for Maui Business Owners Impacted by Wildfires

More than 271 structures have been impacted by wildfires in West Maui. Widespread damage to the community, harbor, and surrounding areas are being documented, according to a recent announcement from Maui County.

Beverly Ament, president of Island Insurance, shared advice with PBN for Maui business owners who have been affected.

“Rebuilding after a disaster can seem overwhelming,” she told PBN. “Island Insurance has over 80 years of experience in guiding Hawaii businesses through difficult times, and we stand ready to support our customers and the community.”

What should Maui business owners impacted by the wildfires be doing now? First of all, our thoughts are with all those on Maui and Hawaii Island during this difficult time. Our priority is health and safety, and we encourage all business owners to heed the advice of local emergency management officials and encourage their employees to do the same. Ensure that your employees are safe and accounted for. Do not access your business unless it is safe and authorities are allowing re-entry to your location.

Business owners should contact their insurance agent to begin the claims process right away. You do not need to wait to return to your business to begin a claim.

Existing Island Insurance customers whose businesses were damaged or destroyed are encouraged to contact their insurance agent and Island Insurance’s Claims Division as soon as possible. Island Insurance customers can contact our Claims Division at (808) 564-8222 or toll free at (888) 312-2525. The claims line is open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We also have a call service in place to answer calls and take messages after hours.

What advice or tips would you give to business owners in this situation?

  • When you are allowed re-entry and it is safe, try to protect your property from further damage and theft
  • Start a property inventory list and take photos of the damaged building and/or property Gather valuable papers, documents and information including, but not limited to, lease agreements, inventory documents, such as orders and/or invoices, and contact information for your accountant if you have a business interruption claim
  • Try not to disturb or discard anything at the scene, to enable the insurance adjusters to conduct their investigation
  • For those not impacted by the fire, it’s a good opportunity to meet with your insurance agent and review your business insurance program