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What To Do If You Are In a Car Accident

With over one million registered vehicles (cars, trucks and motorcycles) packed into our State’s limited area, most families travel in heavy traffic during their daily commutes. As a result of this growing congestion on our roadways, automobile accidents may be unavoidable, but are you prepared if it happens to you?

What to do if you are in an accident

  • Make sure everyone is okay and check to see if anyone needs medical attention. Even if your injuries are minor, you may still want to have them checked out at a hospital or with your family doctor.
  • If anyone is injured, call 911 for the police and an ambulance. If you are in a minor fender bender, take your vehicle out of the main stream of traffic to the shoulder of the road.
  • If the accident is more serious, do not move any vehicles. Instead, to prevent further accidents, warn other drivers with a light, flares, flag or similar devices. Set these warning signs up ahead and behind the accident. If the accident has occurred near a bend in the road, set up the warnings on either side of the bend.
  • While at the scene, do not tell anyone you think the accident may be your fault and don’t discuss the specifics of the accident with anyone except the police or your insurance company.
  • Notify your insurance company immediately to inform them of the accident.
  • Write down the name, address and telephone number of everyone involved, including year, make, model, color, license plate number, owner and insurance information.
  • Document the Accident – If you have a camera, photograph the cars involved, the position of the cars and any damage done to the vehicles. If you do not have a camera, make sure to write down detailed notes of the accident for your insurance company.