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Home Safety – Travel Safety Tips

Securing your home during family vacations and trips during the summer months are especially important. To make sure you enjoy your vacation, remember these special vacation tips:

  • Have mail and packages picked up, forwarded or held at the post office as well as newspapers or circulars.
  • Lower the sound of your telephone ringer so it cannot be heard outside.
  • Tell police and dependable neighbors when you plan to be away.
  • Time your lights and motion detectors to come on during certain times of the day. Your exterior lighting should also be on a timer. Leaving the garage or porch light on all the time is a dead giveaway that you are out of town.
  • An empty house “feels” empty. Close your drapes and put your television, stereo or radio on a timer as well. The unexpected noise can trick burglars into thinking someone may be home.